Stormy night with my sister

Im 20 now and my sisters 19, this happened a couple of years back, we had really bad weather a storm of a sort around 1am, outside my younger sisters bedroom was the tree in our garden and her bed is near the window and during the storm a big branch snapped off and hit up against the window causing it to smash. She screamed causing me and my mum and dad to wake up and run to her room. The storm was making the rain pour into the room soaking everything. No way she will be able to sleep in the room tonight and so my mother told her to sleep in my room. I’ve got a pretty big bed but even then decided I would sleep on the hardwood floor even if it was freezing cold and give the whole bed to my sister. She tired to convince me to get in the bed it was big enough for her, me and a third person so there would be plenty of space. Finally after an hour of laying on the floor I got in bed freezing cold. The bed was so warm, felt like it was on fire but the. I noticed my sister was shivering, I put my hand on her shoulder and asked if she was okay, her shirt was soaked she told me her pyjamas is wet in places the rain fell on her, so I got up turned on my desk lamp, lighting up the bed and part of the room and grabbed one of my clean thirst and shorts and said she could wear these tonight, realising that she would have to change in my room I turned away from her and she got out of bed and I heard her removing her clothes. I know this is wrong and I shouldn’t have done this but I could see her in the mirror, I watched as she removed her pyjamas, she was all bare now no bra no underwear, her breasts were beautiful, big enough to cup in my hand and each dome was topped off with an erect nipple. She had a bit of a bush between her legs but it looked like she was maintaining it not. Not letting it get to long to cutting it to short just perfect. I was lost in my own world. She called out to me from back in bed telling me that she has changed. I got back in bed and because of what I had seen my cock was painfully hard and uncomfortable in my boxer shorts so I undid the buttons and let my cock out and then I feel asleep, a few hours later I woke up to my awake sister who was hunched up in bed shivering and crying. I reached out holding her and asking her if she was okay. She moved back towards me and said she just wanted to be held so I did, like any brother would do I held my upset sister in my arms. Se held my hand close to her chest. Her body was up against mine I could feel the heat coming off it. Her hair was I’m my face, I could smell the shampoo she uses a slight hint of strawberries. I casually moved my hand up and down her stomach and chest acting as if I was trying to keep her warm. Her neck was close enough for me to plant kisses on them. She pressed her body up against mine and then I felt it, she wiggled her perfectly shape butt into my crotch and my erection had fallen in between her cheeks, she took my hand that was on her stomach up to her lips and kissed it, saying she loved me. I kissed the closest bit of her skin , her neck, she let out a soft moan, my cock was leaking precum onto her shorts making them wet, she grinded up against me harder. I softly kissed her neck as my hand found my way under the tshirt. Her breast was cupped in my hand, my fingers slowly brushed over her hard nipple making her moan, she turned to face me locking her lips onto mine, grabbing my cock with one hand she gave me a handjob till I cummed into her hand. She rubbed the cum onto my cock and then her stomach, our lips still locked together we held each other close. Our lips parted and we feel asleep in our embrace.

This was a one time thing, we haven’t done or tried anything since. How I miss the heat coming off her body, how I miss planting kisses on her neck. How I miss her hand on my cock and how I miss her lips on mine in a passionate kiss

Dude! First off, amazing story, you’re living the dreams of a ton of readers. And secondly, she initiated it mate, chances are she’d be totally down for a second round. I’m far from an expert, but I’d advise you to NOT actually mention what had happened. Instead, initiate something in a similar way with hidden intentions. I dunno. It sounds fucking awesome though.